Not so happy new year! - Youfemism

Hello Everyone,

I have become a procrastinator!! Its taken me days to sit down and write this post… this never happens!…. Let me explain…

I did the most stupid thing…. I left myself without a single jar of Youfemism!!! For weeks…. At first I thought I had nothing to worry about, I’m almost a year in, no symptoms… What could happen??? A week in and it hit me… like a Tsunami (At least how I imagine one)  I thought taking advantage of our wonderful manufacturing team over the holiday season was … Well, just not fair and maybe I was being a tad dramatic… Jeepers Creepers, NOT! My husband thought I was loosing my mind (actually, his exact words were…”Have you been smoking weed?”I wish… brain fog silently settled in and had me mystified in every room I walked into…. You know you’ve come in there for something but for the life of you, you can’t remember what…  My joints began to ache…really ache…. I was horrified…And as if that wasn’t enough to deal with, I started having bouts of anxiety… I would spend the best part of the day in my pj’s (not the frilly, silky, sexy kind…That, my husband would definitely live with) I’m talking the old baggy Tshirt kind with yesterdays make-up taboo…I forced myself to dress and leave the house to complete my chores sometimes reaching the Mall parking and having to convince myself to get out the car and do what I have done for the past how many decades (literally)…And I’m not even going to mention my poor Vagina!  No,…. I’ve been bad. Menopause is REALLY bad!! Ladies… You have my utmost sympathy ….Its a bloody nightmare!!

A year ago, almost exactly, I had my last period.  The months following were a breeze  since I continued applying Youfemism daily, sometimes twice daily, I felt I was lucky enough to have escaped the symptoms…That plus the fact that my Mom never experienced any (she just stopped at 50) had me believing I was one of the small percentage who don’t suffer menopause…Never mind the benefits of Youfemism! I was so wrong… and it feels/felt (sometimes I’m still in the fog)like my hormones may have dropped off completely leaving behind someone that was just not me… Thank Goodness for my sister!!

I am very happy to report that I am finally feeling more like myself after 9 days of consistently applying Youfemism twice daily… Halleluja! Admittedly, and impatiently so, I sought the advise of our local health guru and supplemented with a multivitamin including Ginseng for energy and focus(mine went missing) along with 5HTP  to compliment that feel good mood… So far, so good.

Ordinarily, I would have a link to a fantastic snippet of information or shared experience bringing a sigh of relief to some who may feel they’re alone sometimes…This time I got to share my own experience…It’s aweful!  Seriously, I got to really experience the benefits of Youfemism again… You would do well to try it too!


Tracy x