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These past couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind…. The beginning of the year is always filled with renewed excitement and passion and this year is no exception. Following on from the blazing symptoms of menopausal madness over the December holidays and together with my incredible Team, I have been working on revamping the look of our beautiful product… A metamorphosis, so to speak, it’s over 10 years now since we launched and as we/I personally navigate the changing landscape that is menopause I am reminded that brain fog is a very real thing…And sticky notes and pop ups are key to getting things done – that and a husband who NEVER forgets[insert rolling eyes] – Just yesterday he mentioned that I have become forgetful and that I have never been “like this” before but reminding him of our time in life is no excuse as far as he’s concerned (fortunately for him, I was far more focussed on the evening meal…and yes, he’s still breathing!)

The changes I have experienced did not sneak up, tap me the shoulder and whisper in my ear words describing first class travel, island cruises or sundowners on the beach, no-no-no-no no!… This reminded me of an episode of Naked and afraid (except not afraid and only wish I could be naked)…. dropped in a tropical jungle to be ravaged by heat and creepy crawlies (as I would imagine it😉) Creepy crawlies I could not do – brings shivers to my spine but hey, Itchy skin is yet another symptom of menopause!

As I write this I am reminded that so many symptoms are associated with the journey through the phases of our transition to our most mature self (nope, I’m not saying it!) and it does no harm to keep reminding ourselves that it is a NATURAL process and so I share with you the following guide to surviving menopause… And don’t forget to add YOUFEMISM as part of your complementary treatment😊 Ask me, IT HELPS!

Wishing you happiness and health everyone…

The Ultimate Menopause Survival Guide: How To Soothe The 24 Symptoms

Tracy x