Gravity - Youfemism

I was reading a blog post by Dr Mache Siebel earlier today titled “life’s a detour” so I rolled my eyes knowing already how true this is and how many detours I have taken. In his post Dr Mache states that life’s a journey and that in a perfect world we know where our journey is taking us and that our path would be direct, non-stop and quick to achieve… We’re heading for overnight success!

But, like the Doc says… For most people, life does not work that way – life’s journey comes to a crossroads… You get ill, your spouse gets ill, parents get ill, your kid has problems, you can’t have kids, the economy changes, peoples tastes change, you fail an entrance exam and can’t get into law school or medical school – the list goes on and on. He goes on to say that your life’s direct path comes to a crossroad that becomes a detour.

Further to this he goes on to talk about how gravity on earth pulls you down (one look in the mirror proves this point true) but in life gravity pulls you in all directions and depending on the gravity of the situation you get pulled in one direction or another that takes you sideways off your chosen path.

Then he poses the questions – How do you defy gravity? How do you get to success with things pulling you in all directions? How do you stop feeling like you just failed?

When Thomas Edison was trying to invent the light bulb he had thousands of ideas that didn’t work, instead of feeling like a failure, he said “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that don’t work.”  And Oprah said, “Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.”

If you view life through that lens, life is like being in space: there is no gravity. Up & down and left & right are pretty much all the same; you can rewrite your script. You can come to a crossroad and take another path that leads to fulfilment & success. You can defy gravity and turn a detour into a new destination.

Where is gravity pulling you? How can you defy gravity? These are questions Dr Mache Siebel asks.

Well, I certainly can’t defy gravity in the true sense but I can take a load off, ease the pressures, stop sweating the small stuff and continue to look after and love myself the best way I know how. Youfemism has been on my journey a very long time and whilst I do feel the effects of my depleting hormones (my husband too) with consistent application, a slight tweak to my diet and loads more physical activity (it turns the negative into a positive – I go in with a level of aggression/anger/frustration – how easy is it to get pissed off with just about anything and when I’m finished I stand back to admire the work done – my garden is looking so much more beautiful!)

A trip to outer space may not happen in my time but just as I’m determined to not let Menopause define me, gravity isn’t gonna get me down either

Wishing you all zero gravity…

Tracy x