Tax, Politics and Sex - Youfemism

Hey Ladies

These past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of motion and emotion… seemingly in so many areas of life…

Its tax season again and the end of a financial year… Every year is exactly the same so why this year seems exceptionally daunting I couldn’t say… I s’pose if you happen to have taken in just a little of our SONA this year it could make you feel this way…  one thing I most definitely feel is that the man needs to grow a serious set of gonads …. Not my man!  His still work…. I am reminded all too often (and I do sigh a big fat sigh, you know what I mean) I am also reminded that mine does not work the same (well, hello…! I am going through menopause here!) …. And all of this made me realise that a) I need to go see my gynae and b) I may not be doing enough?  Do you know that I got a same day service! Usually you have to wait months for an appointment to see my gynae (everybody loves him!) but I called at 8.30 that morning (my memory seems intact) and was in to see him by 1pm. (It was meant to be!) Well, I’m happy to report.. all is in order with the lady bits

Now, you don’t really want to hear about my menacing symptoms when you have your own to get under control. So I’m happy to tell you that we have given Youfemism a boost and in 2 weeks time I’ll be able to share my benefits with you. If there’s anyone would like to join me… order your cream now. You’ll have it in no time to help you get your symptoms in control. It’s all about the balance!

Well, I’ve mentioned tax, politics and sex, or rather… lack of (according to my man) so I guess you may know just how I’ve been feeling.

Be balanced!

Tracy x