Youfemism Menopause & Hormone Balancing Cream, South Africa

About Us

Why Youfemism

We are women who turned menopause into teamwork to find a solution to the sometimes debilitating, often surprising, and always unwelcome symptoms of menopause. Over a decade ago our journeys collided on a path to find THE most beneficial natural source of symptomatic relief for women going through exactly what you are going through – menopause.

Together we have had our fair share of hormone imbalance but always found relief in nature. Women’s essential hormone balancing cream has been helping women regain their balance even before we met – our kind, gentle and qualified  ( in natural healing and herbal remedies) team member just need support and testament to a product we now proudly position under the Youfemism banner.  We have made it our priority to share this amazing cream with all the women in the world in a hope that you too can find relief and embrace this wonderfully liberating time in life.

The love of  Youfemism

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Why Youfemism

It has taken us 10 years to perfect our product and provide you with the best love and care your body deserves.

Balance in your life

We believe in work-life balance. Sometimes that can be difficult when your hormones throw you a curve-ball!


Center yourself

With Youfemism your life will be balanced, and your inner self will be back on track!

When Anxiety Attacks

When Anxiety Attacks

When Anxiety Attacks BY Team MM Reading Time: 6 min It can feel like a hurricane in your mind that comes all of a sudden with no warning, or a constant ringing in your ear that you can’t seem to shake off. While it’s extremely common during the menopause, it shouldn’t...

Poor sleep wearing You down?

Poor sleep wearing You down?

4 Menopause-Related Sleep Problems and How to Beat Them!!! From hot flashes to insomnia, find out how to treat the most common sleep problems in menopause.  Origins of an article by Blake Miller(2019) Updated April 2021 Medically Reviewed by Kacy Church, MD You are...