Frequently Asked Questions

Are you suffering with Post Hysterectomy Symptoms?  Are you plagued with hot flushes, night sweats, sleep difficulty, lowered sex drive, painful intercourse or mood swings?  Do you find that you experience abdominal cramps, period pain, heavy bleeding or sore breasts?  These frequently asked questions will guide you to how Youfemism can work for you.

Who does YouFemism cater for?

YouFemism is ideal for any women experiencing acute or minor symptoms of PMS, Peri-menopause, Menopause and post menopause including abdominal cramps, period pain, heavy bleeding, sore breasts, and night sweats

Does YouFemism contain oestrogen or progesterone?

No YouFemism does not contain ANY hormones. The herbs are in a natural cream base, with essential oils.

How does the cream get into the body?

The cream is applied topically to the thinner skin areas (e.g. the upper inner thigh), and is absorbed into the bloodstream. (Trans-dermal absorption)

How does it work then?

The 9 herbs In YouFemism have been chosen because they have a balancing effect on the hormones, without directly supplying one hormone or another. These balancing agents are called adaptogens, which allow the body to restore itself naturally without causing an imbalance in any hormone. When herbs are used in their whole form, as in this product, the side effects are absent or minimal.

If I have had a hysterectomy, can I use the product?

Definitely! When having a hysterectomy where the ovaries are removed, the body is instantly thrown into “surgical menopause”. This is very traumatic for the body, as the supply of female hormones is cut off overnight. Even if your ovaries are left intact, it may still be necessary for you to use a hormone balancing cream post hysterectomy, as your hormone levels will decrease with age.

How soon can I experience a result?

Each person is different and it depends on the stage of menopause you are in, or to what extent your hormones are unbalanced. Some women have seen a result within 10 days, others within 3 – 6 weeks.

What is the advantage of using herbs?

Herbs do not work like drugs. When you stop taking drugs, the symptoms can return and you are back to where you started. Although the herbs stop the symptoms, they are also addressing the cause of the problem at the same time. While the symptoms are being alleviated, the hormones in the body are gradually becoming more balanced.

Can teenagers use this product for P.M.S?

It is advisable that teenagers use the Youfemism PMS cream.

Can teenagers use it for irregular or painful periods?

It is advisable that teenagers use the Youfemism PMS cream.

Can I use the cream if I have had breast cancer?

Always consult your oncologist/physician before using any alternative remedies.

Where do I apply the cream?

It is suggested that the cream is applied to both upper and inner thighs every night.

Can I use the YouFemism cream if I am on the pill?

There should be no need for you to use the Woman’s Essential Hormone Balancing Cream if you are on the pill.

Will I get a period if I stop HRT and use YouFemism?

There is very little chance of you having another period if you discontinue your HRT and start using YouFemism

Why can’t I use it while I am breastfeeding?

It is recommended that no herbal remedies are used while breastfeeding, unless prescribed by a medical practitioner.

What if I am using it while trying to fall pregnant?

It is safe to use until you have a positive pregnancy test. Thereafter discontinue use.

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