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YouFemism, an all-natural, alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy, gently assists the body in creating and maintaining its hormonal balance, making PMS and menopause a thing of the past and allowing women to take charge of their lives.

Shipping & Delivery

Orders within South Africa – Although we try our very best to get your order to you as quickly as possible – delivery can take 3 – 5 working days to the main areas and 5+ days for outlying areas.  Orders placed on weekends and public holidays will be processed for delivery on the first business day thereafter.  Orders to be delivered outside of South African borders will be handled by a reputable International Courier Service.

YouFemism has been known to assist with:

  • Assisting as a normaliser for the female hormone system.
  • Relieving headaches and painful joints.
  • Helping with breast fullness.
  • Helping with symptoms of PMS.
  • Relieving bloating, reducing water retention.
  • Improving lowered vitality.
  • Improving the libido.
  • Restoring thickness and elasticity to the vaginal walls.
  • Improving irritability and anxiety and have been found to alter moods associated with hormone imbalances.
  • Alleviating hot flushes and reducing night sweats, helping to combat insomnia.