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YouFemism, an all-natural, organic alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy, gently assists the body in creating and maintaining its hormonal balance, making PMS and Menopause a thing of the past and allowing women to take charge of their lives.

YouFemism has been found to assist with:

– Rebalance the female hormone system
– Reduce the effects of Menopause
– Reduce symptoms of PMS
– Increase vitality
– Improve libido


3 reviews for YouFemism

  1. Verena Illingworth

    “Just started this product. It feels fabulous – non greasy which is important for me – smells gorgeous and a tiny bit goes a long way. I feel better just using it ❤. Spoil yourself.” – Verena Illingworth

  2. Charlotte


  3. Jenny

    9 very good definately helps with hot flushes

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