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Who we are

We are women who turned menopause into team work… Years ago already! 10 to be exact. We have lived our brand – perfected it! So you can be sure it will help. We have our very own herbalist on our team. She’s passionate about natural healing and the power of nature and continues to practice since varsity. Catherine’s her name. Lorraine learnt how Women’s Essential Hormone balancing Cream could help you, no matter your stage on the menopause rollercoaster. She got so excited she couldn’t wait to share.

I love this product! So much so I invested in it. Heart & soul too. For you! Youfemism took a look inwards last year…To take stock of the journey thus far and make changes to suit you. This year 2021 we move forward with a new found confidence and purpose…For a healthier you!

Lots of love…


The love of  Youfemism

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Why Youfemism

It has taken us over 11 years to perfect our product and provide you with the best love and care your body deserves.

Balance in your life

We believe in work-life balance. Sometimes that can be difficult when your hormones throw you a curve-ball!


Center yourself

With Youfemism your life will be balanced, and your inner self will be back on track!

Tax, Politics and Sex

Tax, Politics and Sex

Hey Ladies These past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of motion and emotion... seemingly in so many areas of life... Its tax season again and the end of a financial year... Every year is exactly the same so why this year seems exceptionally daunting I couldn’t...



I was reading a blog post by Dr Mache Siebel earlier today titled “life’s a detour” so I rolled my eyes knowing already how true this is and how many detours I have taken. In his post Dr Mache states that life’s a journey and that in a perfect world we know where our...

Guide to surviving menopause

Guide to surviving menopause

These past couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind.... The beginning of the year is always filled with renewed excitement and passion and this year is no exception. Following on from the blazing symptoms of menopausal madness over the December holidays and...