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Is this Menopause?

How do you know? Women of all ages suffer the symptoms of hormone imbalance.  It isn’t natural, what is natural is the benefits you will feel in using this hormone balancing cream.  

Be yourself everyday.

We are dedicated to your health and well-being throughout your menopausal years.

Youfemism Natural Health

We are dedicated to natural health for your benefit and ours.

We Believe in helping you with your menopause for a better and healthier lifestyle.

Your hormones fluctuate all the time.  Balance is influenced by what you put into your body, by what you apply to your skin, by your daily exercise (or lack of) and even by your surrounding environment.

Your hormones

Chances are one or all will affect you in a negative way.  If you aren’t already, you may experience what can only be described as solar flares but commonly known as hot flushes.


You may experience night sweats or even both! Sleep will be evasive, short-lived and definitely interrupted and your emotional outbursts will leave you confused and feeling sad!

Menopause Monster

And then there’s the biggie…Weight gain! You hate looking at yourself in the mirror – there’s just far too much of you all of a sudden and so intimacy fades into the dark along with your self – esteem.
This is what hormonal im-balance can look like.  You don’t deserve to go through any of this. Youfemism will help you restore your hormonal balance so symptoms don’t get you down!

Made with love, for you.

Youfemism helps you create hormonal balance whether you wish to alleviate the pain and suffering associated with PMS or the symptoms of Menopause. You can trust Youfemism to help you naturally.

So there are NO negative effects.

Because we know…

You can take charge of your life. Youfemism is an all-natural alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Your symptoms will be a thing of the past. Youfemism gently assists your body in creating and maintaining your hormonal balance.

Amazing results!

Your benefits

  • Goes to work straight away on Hormonal balance.
  • Helps you get a better nights sleep
  • Helps alleviate hot flushes and night sweats
  • Eases your joint pain
  • Helps reduce headaches & migraines.
  • Reduces the symptoms of PMS.
  • Relieves bloating and water retention.
  • Improves lowered vitality.
  • Improves your libido.
  • Helps restore the thickness of your vaginal wall.
  • Improves your moods.

I am 47 years of age and was having very disturbing syptoms I could not understand. I was suffering with claustrophobia, panic attacks, severe anxiety and hot flushes. A friend explained that these were all symptoms of menopause and recommended Women’s Essential hormone balancing cream – Within 4 days of using the cream, I woke up feeling like a new person! I have used the product for 3 months now and have had no recurrence of any of the problems.

Louise, Durban

My husband and I were very concerned as I had very low libido, my vagina was dry and I was having terrible night sweats. After consulting a pharmacist I was advised to use Women’s Essential Hormone Balancing Cream.  I found that the night sweats improved dramatically, almost immediate.  My libido improved over the next few weeks as did the vaginal dryness.  As soon as my cream runs low I order the next one…I can’t cope with reverting back to what I was experiencing.

Cynthia, Westville

I had a hysterectomy at the age of 36. I was thrown into menopause much sooner than expected.  I was irritable, short-tempered, anxious and could not sleep.  Within days of using Women’s Essential Hormone Balancing Cream, I found my sleep was restored and I was far less irritable.  My husband reminds me every night to apply the cream.  It’s changed his life forever, and will definitely recommend to everyone I know! Thank you so much for Youfemism.
Catherine, Hillcrest

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