Regulate hormone imbalances, improve vitality and find your inner peace with YouFemism – your natural guide to restoring balance and harmony.

About Youfemism

It is the unfortunate fact of life that our body changes. In all of us hormones act as chemical messengers, telling our bodies how to change and when to do it. They are responsible for guiding our growth, regulating our metabolism, controlling our reproductive cycle and disrupting our inner peace, making us chaotic, emotional and downright irritable.

If you are tired of living under the oppression of mood swings, painful cramps, bloating, hot flushes and insomnia, then you have come to the right place. We are happy to tell you that you have just found your light at the end of the tunnel … YouFemism. 

Primarily for women suffering from menopause and PMS related symptoms, YouFemism is a silky cream made up of a combination of herbs and essential oils that work together to gently restore your serenity.


At the click of a button Youfemism is on its way to restoring your inner balance.  A natural hormone balancing cream assisting your body in restoring your natural hormone balance – say “Bye bye” to the negative impact of hormonal imbalance and “Hello” to a happy, well balanced, awesome new you.

Get Advice

Youfemism is a natural hormone balancing cream applied directly to the skin – absorption is instant – assisting the body in creating balance.  If you find yourself sweating it out in a tossing and turning seemingly endless cycle of sleeplessness or frustrated with your shrinking wardrobe or your loved ones have little recognition of the Jekle and Hyde that presents itself daily  – and you REALLY want balance… pop us a line and we’ll assist, NATURALLY!